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Alexa Bliss and R-Truth’s wins on Raw and SmackDown this week were bigger than you realized

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On Tuesday (Sept. 4), R-Truth turned his latest run of scene-stealing performances on SmackDown into a victory over The Miz. It was his first televised victory since beating (who else?) Curt Hawkins on Main Event in July of last year.

Wild, but not too surprising. Truth may be a low-key legend with a more impressive resume than most people realize, but he’s an undercard babyface enhancement talent.

How about this one? Alexa Bliss’ win over Natalya on Raw the night before (Sept. 3) was noteworthy for several reasons:

  • It was her first televised singles win in match without defined stakes (meaning the Women’s Title, or a possible #1 contender spot wasn’t on the line) since May 22, 2017.
  • It was the first time she’s beaten Natalya on television.
  • It was her first submission victory in her career.

There are pretty logical explanations for all those facts. Though she’s been champion for a long time, Bliss is a cowardly heel... and she’s not an in-ring specialist, so Alexa’s big moments come on the mic, or in scenes outside of “competition”.

Prior to Ronda Rousey’s arrival, both Natalya and Bliss were heels. And the Goddess has never had a submission finisher, so until a program like her current one with Ronda called on her to use one, there was no reason for her to win by tapout.

It’s still quite the trifecta for a five-time champ.

It might just be the tip of the iceberg for both Alexa and Truth. Bliss could be on the cusp of a turn, as she’ll need some kind of refresh after Rousey almost certainly ushers her out of the division’s main event at Hell in a Cell. And Truth is getting himself over the way he usually does when given screen time, and is headed to Mixed Match Challenge where he could conceivably pick up at least one win.

Or, in the not-entirely-unlikely event I’m wrong about all that, they’ll have this week’s big wins to keep them warm.

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