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Indie wrestling promotion teases move to NXT for a pair of ALL IN stars

What are the Lucha Bros doing at Full Sail?

2018 was a banner year in terms of wrestlers hopping from promotion to promotion in search of new and exciting match-ups. After the fallout from ALL IN last weekend in Chicago, maybe 2019 could be even crazier in terms of wrestler movement.

We already knew MLW were holding an event in Florida featuring a full on War Games match. Now the folks over at Major League Wrestling are also teasing a pair of their champions jumping ship to the WWE/NXT in 2019?

MLW, we see what you did there.

Rumors and reports have gone for what seems like months, that the WWE has shown interest in Fenix and Pentagon Jr.

Both former Lucha Underground champions, Fenix and Pentagon Jr. both played critical roles in ALL IN last weekend. Pentagon went toe to toe with Kenny Omega for nearly 20 minutes while Fenix teamed with Rey Mysterio and Bandido versus The Golden Elite in the night’s main event.

Just a local indie wrestling promotion looking to get some buzz? Or are the wheels already set in motion for Fenix and Pentagon Jr. to make their way to WWE/NXT sometime in 2019?