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Hulk Hogan talks maybe doing something with the Bullet Club

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Don’t work yourself into a shoot, brother. Hulk Hogan, if nothing else, knows how to keep his name in the news.

For better or worse, Hogan remains a lightning rod in the pro wrestling community. Fresh off the announcement of an nWo reunion tour, Hogan is hitting the media circuit to promote his newest venture.

Speaking this week with Sports Illustrated, Hogan clarifies that his upcoming events with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash are being done with the blessing of Vince McMahon. With ALL IN still on the minds of everyone in and around the squared circle, Hogan also gave his take on the event from last weekend.

Hogan sounded pretty enthusiastic about the indie wrestling supershow.

“They have my support, I’m a huge fan of their work and I’m rooting for them. WWE is the mainstay, they’re here forever, but whenever there is competition in the marketplace, especially with a group of guys like Cody Rhodes, the Young Bucks, and Kenny Omega, it just raises the bar with the level of shows and content.”

Then to leave you wanting more or to take away any good will he gained with his previous complimentary statement, Hogan dropped this nugget about The Bullet Club.

“I’ve been keeping an eye on the Bullet Club for the last couple years. Cody has talked to me about maybe doing something with Bullet Club, but those guys are on fire on their own.”

This would be the most nWo/Bullet Club move of all-time. Somebody fire up Voodoo Child (Slight Return) and have Hogan punching random New Japan and ROH wrestlers in the head ASAP.

A bigger feat for Cody Rhodes would be: helping successfully run ALL IN from the ground up or somehow coherently weaving Hulk Hogan into The Bullet Club?