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In honor of the greatest WWE show theme song of the modern era

What consititutes the modern era? Not sure.

Have I listened to every song which has kicked off every show from Superstars to Raw this century in preparation for this post? To quote Dean Ambrose, “nope”.

Before you cry “clickbait”, I will tell you that even though it seems I haven’t done the due diligence required to make the claim in the headline, I still stand behind it 100%. I don’t need to pull up 2008 SmackDown episodes to tell you I never liked a theme song more, or got more excited just based on the opening few notes, than I did for “Missile” by Dorothy from the 2017 Mae Young Classic.

Tell me you don’t hear...

“But this war is mine, this war is mine”

... and get fired up to see some patriarchy-shattering scripted fighting?

I’m a little bummed out knowing we won’t hear this song tonight on WWE Network when the tournament returns. Which is why I wanted to embed it here so, if you’re like me (god help you), you can hit mute over the open, click play and start the 2018 Mae Young Classic with a little...

“I am the missile”