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Some of these possible WWE Network shows sound too good to be true

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As they do from time to time, WWE’s sent out a market research survey to their fanbase. Reporting on the latest one comes from, which makes sense since its focused on potential WWE Network offerings.

A lot of what they cover is the same as what we usually get when these things are circulated around. Would you be more or less likely to watch NXT if it aired live each week? What about special live events like 2017’s Starrcade? Or regular house shows with no commentary or extra production?

The usual question about other promotions people watch focused on companies WWE doesn’t have an existing relationship with like Ring of Honor, Impact, PWG, Lucha Underground and New Japan.

The fun stuff happens when respondents are asked about their potential interest in new shows that are either in the development or pitch stage. Here’s a rundown of concepts and descriptions from WWE Network News’ post:

WWE Now LIVE! – Live morning show featuring the hottest topics and news in the WWE Universe.

History of FCW – While NXT is well known to the WWE Universe as a starting place for today’s WWE Superstars, many current Superstars started in pre-NXT, Florida Championship Wrestling. This is the story of the Tampa-based promotion and its transformation into NXT.

Documentaries – If they focused specifically on talent like Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels and more.

Superstar / Superfan – For example, Kevin Owens reflects on his time as a superfan.

Xavier’s Arcade Challenge – Xavier Woods takes his love of retro gaming to the finest “Bar / Arcades” in the country and challenges the WWE Universe in one-on-one competition!

WWE Cheat Day with Becky Lynch – WWE Superstars work hard, and train harder. See what they do on their cheat day, as Becky Lynch and Charlotte indulge at one of Becky’s favorite breakfast eateries.

Fashion Police / Unsolved Mysteries – Tyler Breeze and Fandango attempt to crack the case of numerous unsolved mysteries that have eluded the WWE Universe over the years.

House Hardy: Halloween special – Go inside the WONDERFUL world of the Hardy family in this delightful short form scripted sitcom, featuring Matt and Jeff Hardy!

NXT UK – The hottest young talent on the United Kingdom scene collide on WWE NXT UK. Featuring WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne, Mustache Mountain, Rhea Ripley, and more amazing Superstars, this is the place to see the most exciting performers from England, Ireland, Scotland and beyond.

The inclusion of NXT UK is obviously interesting, since they’re already teasing the show on existing programming and have a few months worth of episodes in the can. There’s been no announcement on when/where/how we’ll be able to see what they’ve filmed however, and this gives the impression they may still be figuring that out themselves.

Aside from that, and the pleasant thought of travelling back however briefly to a time when Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair were still best friends, the real winner here is obviously an ongoing Fashion Files. Would Breezey and Dept. Dango be able to get to the bottom of the Montreal Screwjob? Whatever really happened with Chris Jericho and Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam 2016, or Brock and Shane McMahon after WrestleMania 34? Could they find out exactly why Neville left?

Let us know what mysteries you’d like to see the Fashion Police tackle, or which of these potential shows sounds good to you.

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