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Cup of coffee in the big time: Brie & Maryse are cooling off the Miz vs. Daniel Bryan feud

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We waited a very long time for The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan. When we thought it’d never happen due to Bryan’s injury, it felt like one of the greatest misses in the history of WWE.

But Bryan came back. And it felt as though a program with The Miz was more important than seeing Bryan rushed into a title program.

And here we are, in the midst of the program and something feels like it’s missing.

The SummerSlam match was great. It was a fine set-up to the next step in their feud. But then what?

Yesterday, Sean wrote in his SmackDown Live preview:

What gives? A few hypotheses:

1. The excitement inside the “internet wrestling bubble” was always higher for a Bryan/Miz program than the general fandom.

2. Stalling on the program for feuds between DB and acts like Big Cass & Bludgeon Brothers cooled him and this rivalry off.

3. Hell in a Cell’s mixed tag stipulation, and the prospect of action featuring Brie Bella and Maryse - two women without a lot of ring time over the last several years, has diminished interest.

For me, it’s number three above all else.

A mixed tag match would be a great two or three-week section of the story, culminating in a SmackDown main event.

But on pay-per-view (PPV)? It just feels like things are in a holding pattern for a month.

I likely should follow the advice I give to a lot of people when storyline frustrations pop up and “see where they’re going with this,” but I’m not in love with adding the mixed tag stipulation and slowing this thing down.

Also, while his contract status made things more difficult on booking decisions, it’s a little frustrating to see Bryan’s PPV programs since he’s returned amounting to:

  • Teaming with Shane McMahon.
  • Two matches dragging Big Cass along.
  • Teaming with an ancient Kane.
  • That hot match with Miz.
  • Teaming with Brie.

Just let me have the hate-filled feud with The Miz without extra fluff.

Halfway through the week already!