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WWE Raw’s audience hangs in there on Labor Day

It was a national holiday here in the United States on Sept. 3, and that usually doesn’t mean great news for WWE. And Labor Day 2018 wasn’t cause for celebration, but the numbers for this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw weren’t bad.

With a college football game on ESPN but less original competition overall (including a light night for political junkies and no new programming on Fox News), viewership inched downward - but just slightly. The hourly average of 2.87 million was only 10K less than Aug. 27’s episode.

The by-hour breakdown was actually somewhat encouraging. While the first two hours were lower than last week, the third hour hold was noticeably better:

Hour one: 2.95 million
Hour two: 2.93 million
Hour three: 2.74 million

There will be plenty of competition for next week’s show, when WWE goes head to head with the first Monday night of the pro football season, and a doubleheader on ESPN.

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