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James Ellsworth wants you to know he and SmackDown are in the same town right now

The Sept. 4 episode of SmackDown LIVE will be coming our way in a few hours from Detroit’s Little Ceesar’s Arena. Fresh off an appearance at this weekend’s ALL IN adjacent podcast convention Starrcast in Chicago, guess who’s in the Motor City... or really wants us to think he’s in Michigan’s biggest city?

A man with two hands, a fighting chance and a Twitter account, that’s who...

It’s not clear what exactly James Ellsworth would do on SmackDown currently. After he was fired by General Manager Paige, frequent ally Carmella’s gone on to lose the Women’s Title and her rematch for same, and would seem to be exiting the championship picture while Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch do their thing. He’s already been beaten up by Asuka, and doesn’t fit into the Naomi/IIconics feud.

So he’s probably just got a layover on his way back to Maryland, and decided to get a little Twitter work in. And I probably just got worked.

Oh well. I’m always on the lookout for a Big Hog sighting, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.


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