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The Undertaker returns to confront Shawn Michaels, tease one more match?


This felt really important. More important than just promoting an Australian house show on the WWE Network. As advertised all week, Shawn Michaels appeared on Monday Night Raw to promote the upcoming match between Triple H and The Undertaker in October at the Super Show-Down special on the WWE Newtork.

HBK mostly fumbled through his promo from the jump. In the midst of his rambling, Michaels made it clear that Triple H had more left in the tank than The Undertaker, and his old DX running mate was his pick for the match.

After Michaels announced he would be taking a flight down to Australia to witness the match in person, then the sound of a Taker’s gong hit and the Raw live crowd in Columbus, Ohio lost their minds.

Tonight (Sept. 3) both Taker and HBK brought their ‘A’ games with them on the mic. The dueling promos for each man would have fit perfectly fine within any of their last two WrestleMania build ups.

Despite their attempt to hype up a match between Taker and HHH, it felt like both men kept alluding to Michaels possibly coming out of retirement for one more match.

Did they just the plant the seed? Are the WWE thinking about running back Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker one more time?

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