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Are you excited for Undertaker vs. Triple H at Super Show-Down?

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WWE is putting in work to make the main event of Oct. 6’s Melbourne, Australia stadium event Super Show-Down into a big deal.

They don’t need to do much. After most wrestling fans assumed he’d retired after WrestleMania 33 in Orlando, any time the Undertaker makes his entrance, let alone wrestles, it’s a big deal. Getting his fourth (third televised) match of 2018 is huge.

Triple H bouts are almost as rare. Haitch is still an on-screen character, but as Paul Levesque’s role grows backstage, sightings of The Game in official matches become fewer and farther between. That The MCG will hear some Motörhead and likely see a sledgehammer is definitely noteworthy.

But so far, they haven’t succeeded in making me particularly excited to see the match itself on WWE Network next month. Trips delivered a typically well-crafted and crafted promo on Raw a couple weeks back to justify what they’re billing as “One Last Time” between two performers who previously ended an era. A video package of Legends and Hall of Famers essentially trying to guess how Vince McMahon thinks was shown last Monday to build interest. Tonight (Sept. 3), the referee of their last Hell in a Cell match will come out and tell us why the continuation of the feud at Super Show-Down is necessary. Shawn Michaels might even interject himself into the story again to make it feel vital.

None of it is doing much for me.

I’m not the real target audience, though. First and foremost, that’s Australian fans who can help pack the tens of thousands of seats in Melbourne Cricket Ground. Next priority for WWE would be non-Network subscribers. Bloggers who more or less have to watch on Oct. 6 are real low on the list.

So I kick it to you, the greater internet wrestling fan base...


Are you excited for Undertaker vs. Triple H at Super Show-Down?

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    Yes! I’m ready for the Phenom to play the Game one more time!
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  • 62%
    No. Let this rivalry... Rest. In. Peace.
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