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Naomi vs. Melina at Evolution? Sure, why not?

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There’s currently only one match without a title or trophy on the line officially booked for Evolution, WWE’s first all-women pay-per-view (PPV) event coming up on Sun. Oct. 28 in Long Island. But with at least three hours to fill, the company will need a few more to go along with Trish Stratus vs. Alexa Bliss, the Mae Young Classic final and the four singles championship matches being promised.

Seeing as she’s managed to work her way back onto television (and possibly into a storyline for the long-rumored tag belts), who can blame Naomi for shooting her shot and requesting her dream match for Evolution? Bonus points for it not being Trish or Lita!

Also, Melina is in...

The reigning WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal winner wants to be clear it’s just fantasy booking on her part right now...

But while there are undoubtedly issues with getting the five-time Women’s and Divas Champ back in the fold, and matches WWE would rather than make than Naomi vs. Melina, seeing as both wrestlers seem interested, why not add some more representation to the Evolution line-up? Wouldn’t WWE like the chance to remind the world the Women’s Evolution has involved a few more persons of color?

If there isn’t a ton of time for them, or Melina’s not ring-ready, this could be a storyline-heavy, borderline comedy spot where we figure out who does the better split. There are certainly worse ways to hat-tip the Divas Era.

Let’s do it, Steph. Melina vs. Naomi. Who’s with me?