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Lana responds to really dumb questions about The Rock, her current storyline

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Lana WWE

When the Internet gets a hold of something, it can be a lot of fun. It can also be really dumb, like is the case with this story here.

On SmackDown Live this week, Aiden English, seeking to further drive a rift between Rusev and Lana, asked if Lana was going to tell her husband “about that one night in Milwaukee.” It seemed clear he was implying something illicit between the two, and that’s the read my partner Sean had on it in his write-up after it happened.

Somehow, though, this was taken to its silliest conclusion, and it became about Lana maybe having a sex tape with The Rock, the basis for this seemingly being his mentioning something about the state of Wisconsin during a promo he was cutting on her years ago. Easy fodder for jokes, sure, and have a blast telling them.

But then someone actually went and asked her about this like it was a legitimate question:

“A lot of this stuff online and people questioning about The Rock... it’s just like, the society... this is 2018. Why do we go to that immediately? I know that we love a good scandal and we love some hot tea and we love the gossip but when all of this comes out and there’s going to be no proof I’m going to be having the last laugh. And I really hope that teaches a lesson to all of those people in society that first of all, it’s not okay to be slut shaming people or to ... say these type of things toward women with the #MeToo movement and #TimesUp. We’re so past this. I hope that from all this people will learn that it’s not okay to say certain things and assume certain things. That’s what I have to say about that.”

What makes this so ridiculous is that you can hardly tell if she’s commenting on something within the context of the storyline or as though it’s a legitimate question, and that she’s being made to distinguish between the two. That’s the real issue here — WWE is running a story and here we have someone doing an interview as though it’s a legitimate question to ask Lana if she has a sex tape with The Rock, based solely on rumors that came up based on what can only be a joke about the storyline. Even after she shuts it all down with the answer above, the interviewer then says “so there’s no video that’s going to come out of you being intimate with another Superstar. Those are just rumors?”

The worst part? The interviewer sounds entirely serious, as though that’s a question he should be asking. The only interviewer who should be asking that is one who works for WWE and is trying to push along whatever story they are telling. And, again, they don’t seem to be telling a story that has anything to do with The Rock. The story is that Aiden English is a liar who is trying to drive a rift between a husband and wife for his own selfish needs, and he took the low hanging fruit of implying she had an affair with him while he was teaming with her husband. Even asking her if she did that would be inappropriate because it would be framing the question as though you are in on the story when, as a reporter, or journalist, or even just someone seeking truth, that’s not your job.

That this has resulted in Lana being asked questions like this is embarrassing, and almost certainly why WWE is so protective of its talent when it comes to granting interviews. Lana deserves credit, if nothing else, for how well she handled this.