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John Cena lives in China

For newcomers to Cageside Seats, I’m our John Cena beat reporter.

Okay, it’s not really a formal assignment. I may just be a little bit obsessed with the 16-time WWE World champ in his current form - that of a 41 year old man, coming out of a break-up and transitioning from the only career he’s ever known. We could probably also call it “mid-life crisis Cena”. And that’s something to which I can relate.

Today, I’m fixated on something other than his new look, or his latest job in Hollywood. For those who don’t stalk WWE’s online channels for #content, you may have missed this series of videos Cena is doing introducing fans to his new place of residence - Yinchuan, Ningxia in the People’s Republic of China.

WWE Superstars living abroad, they’re just like us!

Jokes aside, these are fascinating glimpses of life in a “prefecture-level city” in Northern China. For typical Americans like me who think every country consists of the one or two cities I can name there, getting a look at somewhere other than Beijing or Hong Kong is cool. They’re basically a travel show hosted by the Face Who Used To Run The Place.

As for Cena, as with the physical transformation, my initial instinct is to wonder, “is he okay?” But he seems happy - and certainly healthy.

I admire the hell out of him for using his resources to go immerse himself in another culture, all the while promoting WWE in a growth market (I know guys like Undertaker and Shawn Michaels are supposed to be the ultimate company men, but I think moving to China > not signing with WCW). And one of the ways to get over the end of a relationship is to change up your surroundings. He’s also found an outlet for the YouTube videos he and his ex-fiancee used to do together.

So, good for you, Yinchuan John! We’ll see you next Saturday on WWE Network, and bring us a moon cake & a boba. We’re good on frozen chicken parts, though.