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Looks like Super Show-Down will be super-long

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Considering it’s a stadium show with the word “super” right there in its name, it’s not surprising Super Show-Down is super-sized.

WWE Network’s schedule has the Sat. Oct. 6 event from Melbourne blocked off for a WrestleMania-like five hours next weekend...

WWE Network

The time-strapped among us should be happy there’s no pre-show, I guess.

I’ll leave deeper analysis on timing and match order to my man Cain A. Knight. But even considering the pay-per-view (PPV) probably won’t fill that entire 5AM - 10AM Eastern slot, that’s still leaving a lot of time for ten announced matches - especially since at least a couple (I’m looking at you, women’s tag matches) aren’t getting 30 minutes.

* Insert Triple H/Undertaker entrance jokes here. *

Super Show-Down many in WWE’s home market probably won’t partake of as it happens, and a lengthy run-time isn’t as much of a deterent if you’re starting something at your leisure and/or plan to skip around to matches and segments which interest you.

For those of who are compelled to watch it live, for whatever reason? Make a strong pot of coffee and settle in for a long morning of graps from The MCG.