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We have lots of questions about Evolution on SmackDown 1000

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Make no mistake. I am very excited about the return of Big Dave Bautista to WWE, and will accept that however it happens. An Evolution reunion also places him back in the successful place creative finally got to during his last run in 2014. And while the Sean of 14 years ago hated Triple H’s faction with the power of a million suns (seriously, those Raw promo segments never ended-ah, and the spectre of WrestleMania 19 looms large), nostalgia is a powerful drug. Plus, how can you not smile at seeing a strutting, happy Ric Flair after the 2017 Naitch had?

Excitement aside, though, this is a very interesting/damn weird time for this reunion...

- Where does it fit in with what Trips has going with Undertaker? Especially if rumors are right and we’re building to a D-Generation X vs. Brothers of Destruction match at Crown Jewel? D-X Hunter is a very different gimmick, and Shawn Michaels was one of Evolution’s biggest rivals during their early aughts dominance of Monday nights.

- Speaking of which... they know Evolution was never really a thing on the blue brand, right? If anything, this kind of detracts from Batista’s importance to SmackDown history as a singles wrestler.

- Maybe it’s a swerve? The Animal comes out with Flair, Triple H and Randy Orton, then reminds everybody he turned his back on the group after ‘Mania 30, brings out Rey Mysterio and proceeds to kick some heel butt?

- When he came back in late 2013, it was kind of impossible for Batista to be a face. Now, after the way he was embraced by the end of that run, his Hollywood success (especially as a beloved character in the uber-popular Marvel movies) and five years of preaching to the smark choir about how messed up WWE is... can he be a heel?

- If Dave is sticking around, even as a part-timer, will they go back to the Orton vs. Batista feud they wanted to do before the fan demand for Daniel Bryan and CM Punk’s exit forced them to rewrite their script for New Orleans ‘14? Or the Triple H farewell match he says he wants?

- Will DB have anything to say to the trio of men he beat at WrestleMania 30?

- Are Taker and Kane gonna cross-brands (I think Super Show-Down means they’re Raw guys now)?

- What about the group which essentially broke up Evolution last time? With Dean Ambrose reflecting on his past with The Shield and especially Seth Rollins, seeing The Game, The Viper and The Animal on the same stage may give both men flashbacks.

... there are probably some other strands in the old Duder’s head I’m forgetting right now, but you get my drift.

Where are you at on the excited/confused scale, Cagesiders? What questions do you have as you look toward Motörhead blaring through the speakers at Capitol One Arena in Washington, D.C. on Oct. 16?