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Another faction reunites on WWE Network next week

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Take that Evolution!

Okay, 3MB never ruled over a show like Triple H’s early/mid-aughts group did. You could even argue that a lot of the affection folks feel toward Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal’s comedy jobbers is tinged with nostalgia. Fans enjoyed them and expressed some disappointment when Jinder and Drew were released, but the trio were never live crowd faves or internet darlings like a Rusev Day or B-Team.

Either way, though, Slater’s troop commited to their delusional rock band gimmick, sold like crazy for the Legends & other acts they were fed to, and entertained us in everything from WeeLC matches to their brief stints as The Union Jacks, The Rhinestone Cowboys & The Plymouth Rockers.

And their story’s only gotten more interesting since the band involuntarily broke up in 2014, as Mahal and McIntyre took different paths back to WWE and major success upon their return while Heath kept plugging away, grabbing a few moments of spotlight for himself along the way.

All of which is just an explanation for why I’m tuning in on Monday night (Oct. 1) when the trio reunited for a new episode of Table for 3 on WWE Network:

WWE Network

Who else is ready for this?