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Miz explains Undertaker’s ‘Dead Man’ routine for the ‘Reality’ era

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Is this some mind-blowing revelation? No. Most people who think a lot about WWE have probably connected these dots in their head. It’s probably been said on screen before, but in the sea of content we have these days, I’m not recalling a specific instance as I write this.

Not having a breakdown like this doesn’t really hurt the product or anything. But it’s nice for us continuity obsessive-types and/or people who just like stories and fictional worlds to be logical and consistent.

It’s also an example of why Miz should get to talk whenever Miz wants to talk.

Here’s his explanation for Undertaker still entering the ring like an undead mortician even after we all know he’s a church-going fifty-something guy from Texas with a wife, kids and a love of motorcycles:

“People always talk about my mind games, and how I’m always strategizing. Look at the Undertaker! That’s mind games before you even enter the ring! You have a gong, you have the lights go down, you have smoke come up from the ground. Then you have the Undertaker in his slow pace walk just takin’ forever - all the time in the world. Most people have a regular walk. Some people run! The Undertaker? Takes like three minutes. And then, he turns on the lights, he gets into the ring, takes off his hat - ever so slowly. These are all mind games of the Undertaker.”

Sure, it’s just part of a throwaway interview to hype Super Show-Down (watch it in full here), but I dig it.

Now do Bray Wyatt.