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Report: Neville is no longer responding to promoters wanting to book him

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The curious case of Neville continues to provide more questions than answers.

Closing in on a year since he walked away from the WWE, on the day of Raw, a new report suggests the 32-year-old cruiserweight is no closer to returning to active competition.

According to this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required and encouraged), Dave Meltzer reports the former WWE cruiserweight champion is in a holding pattern as far as his pro wrestling career goes.

“People ask about Neville all the time and this is the situation as best we can tell. WWE said that he is free and clear and can wrestle anywhere. He was in talks with some promotions but told them he wasn’t ready to start yet, citing legal issues. He’s then completely gone off the grid and hasn’t responded to promoters as best we can tell. Will Ospreay wanted to do a singles match with him at Wrestle Kingdom but we have no idea if he’s up for that or anything in wrestling right now”

Neville vs. Will Ospreay? Yes, please.

The latest rumors about Neville pointed to him telling promoters he could still not be booked to work yet. In late August and during the week of ALL IN, reports suggested that Neville was no longer under contract to the WWE and he was now free to wrestle anywhere he want to.

New Japan, Ring of Honor, Lucha Underground, ALL IN 2? Where, and more importantly, when will Neville return to doing mind blowing top rope moves inside a pro wrestling ring?