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Some recent entries make WWE’s 15 best SmackDown matches ever list

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Making a definitive list narrowing down 997 episodes of SmackDown down to only 15 matches was never going to be easy.

With SmackDown 1000 only a few weeks away, the WWE is starting to get nostalgic about the blue brand. This week over at the company broke out a list of the 15 greatest SmackDown matches of all time.

A couple things stand out after combing over the rankings.

There seems to be a slight recency bias and the top 15 includes more than a few matches that occurred over the last four years.

Where is Batista? It felt like for more than a few years Big Dave carried the brand every Thursday night.

When you think of the SmackDown Hotel you think of The Rock and the name of the WWE’s second weekly show’s was always inspired by The People’s Champion. You would of thought the WWE would have tried to squeeze one or two more Rock’s matches into the list.

Deservedly so, Eddie Guerrero’s name appears up and down this list. Guerrero was a workhorse on SmackDown and it shows in the multiple classic matches he was involved in.

Check out the full 15 matches below.

15) Jeff Hardy vs. Triple H – Intercontinental Championship Match: April 12, 2001

14) Team Angle vs. Eddie Guerrero & Tajiri – WWE Tag Team Championship Match: May 29, 2003

13) Alexa Bliss vs. Becky Lynch — SmackDown Women’s Championship Steel Cage Match: Jan. 17, 2017

12) Triple H vs. The Rock – WWE Championship Match w/ Shawn Michaels & Shane McMahon as special guest referees: Aug. 26, 1999

11) Kurt Angle vs. Booker T – WCW Championship Match: July 26, 2001

10) Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match — June, 27, 2017

9) Eddie Guerrero vs. John Cena – United States Championship Parking Lot Brawl: Sept 11, 2003

8) Rey Mysterio vs. Matt Hardy – Cruiserweight Championship Match: June 5, 2003

7) John Cena vs. Shinsuke Nakamura: Aug. 1, 2017

6) JBL vs. Eddie Guerrero – WWE Championship Steel Cage Match: July 15, 2004

5) Edge & Rey Mysterio vs. Los Guerreros – No. 1 Contender Match for WWE Tag Team Championship: Oct. 24, 2002

4) The New Day vs. The Bludgeon Brothers — SmackDown Tag Team Championship No DQ Match: Aug 21, 2018

3) The Shield vs. Randy Orton & Team Hell No: June 14, 2013

2) Brock Lesnar vs. Kurt Angle – WWE Championship Iron Man Match: Sept. 18, 2003

1) Edge vs. Eddie Guerrero – No Disqualification Match: Sept. 26, 2002

Anything overlooked? Is it filled with two many matches from recent years?

What is your favorite match from SmackDown over the past 20 years?