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Chris Jericho explains why pro wrestling is better with options

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It really feels like we’re headed to a place where Chris Jericho just crowns himself The King of Indies.

For the past several months Jericho has been anywhere and everywhere. Where will Jericho show up next? I don’t think he even knows at this point.

When we last saw the reigning, defending IWGP Intercontinental Champion he was attacking Kenny Omega at ALL IN while disguised at Pentagon Jr.

In between touring with Fozzy and promoting his Rock ‘N’ Wrestling Rager cruise, setting sail Oct.27-31, Jericho has teased working with Impact Wrestling as well as being a free agent in 2019.

Jericho is a busy guy and he’s not shy about letting you know just how busy he is. Speaking with TV Insider, Jericho even commentated on the current state of pro wrestling. Per Jericho the business has never better due to the fact there is so much content to consume other than the WWE’s.

ALL IN also proved that. New Japan proves that. Even the Jericho cruise proves that. There is no WWE involvement in this cruise at all. I think in a world where WWE is so dominant for such a long time, it’s cool to see other options.”

That’s what they are. Options. You’re not going to beat WWE at their own game, but you can carve out a pretty cool name for yourself and do pretty well as a result because of all the people getting involved and want to get involved in the business now looking for that alternative. It’s a good time for the wrestling business, for the fans and performers.”

The rise of social media and the current boom of streaming live video has really helped the pro wrestling industry as a whole. If you love pro wrestling but are enamored with anything the WWE is producing, it doesn’t take a lot of digging to find an alternative you may enjoy.

All this talk of Jericho loving his time hopping from promotion to promotion is just going to lead to him signing a long-term deal with the WWE, right?

Chris Jericho seems comfortable on his current career trajectory, is it possible that Y2J never makes another stop in the WWE before he hangs up his boots?