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Tye Dillinger channels Stone Cold in message directed at Randy Orton

Did Tye Dillinger forget he has nine other fingers?

On Tuesday night, Randy Orton attacked and beat the hell out of Dillinger. Orton’s reasoning for his unexpected beating of Dillinger made complete sense.

Taken in its entirety, Orton explanation for attacking Dillinger sounds better than whatever backstory was going on between The Viper and Jeff Hardy.

Today (Sept. 27) Dillinger returned to social media and had a few words (and an emoji) for Orton.

That’s not PG.

That’s not even Tye Dillinger’s favorite number.

Still not sure what the long game is between Dillinger and Orton. For now The Perfect 10 may find himself in the middle of United States championship title story line with Shinsuke Nakamura.

Will Tye Dillinger get some traction in his potential feud with Randy Orton? Or is The Perfect 10 just going to end up being fodder for Orton as The Viper descends further into madness?

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