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Another reason WWE should rename the Raw and SmackDown Women’s titles

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Do the WNBA’s Seattle Storm, the women’s basketball league’s 2018 champions and latest recipients of a customer championship from Triple H and WWE, want a Raw title belt? Or a Universal/World title belt?

Okay, they do seem excited to be getting a Raw one, but even Hunter doesn’t call it that. Sue Bird and company probably think they’re getting the WWE Women’s championship via FedEx!

I’m beginning to think we’re never getting these oft-rumored Women’s Tag straps. But I will not give up the crusade for naming the main roster single’s belts the same way WWE does the top men’s titles.

And while we’re on the subject of equality, Trips needs to speed up the process on these things. Would he wait two weeks to send the Golden State or Man City theirs? What? It took three weeks after City won the Premier League to send them this? Don’t mind me...

Oh, and congrats to the Storm!