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If you think what Becky Lynch is doing to Charlotte Flair on SmackDown is bad...

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You should see what the champ is hitting her friend with on social media.

On SmackDown last night (Sept. 25), Women’s champion Becky Lynch crashed a Charlotte Flair photo shoot, delivering a beatdown to the wrestler WWE promotes as “Queen” for the second straight week. It’s a clever bit of booking which both builds to Flair’s rematch for the belt she lost at Hell in a Cell and further establishes Lynch’s outsider character by allowing her to attack both her opponent and the company machine Becky (and her fans) say chose Charlotte over the Irishwoman.

The Badlass (who also beat Lana on this week’s episode of the blue brand) has continued to go in on both WWE and the former champ on Twitter, too. And that’s been even better than the on-screen ass-whoopins she’s been handing out.

The company’s Twitter account tries to kiss up for leaving her out of their “Match of the Night” poll for the last pay-per-view (PPV), and Bex wasn’t having it:

Charlotte gets it worse, though. These unprovoked shots are pretty funny, and pretty brutal. They’re not kind to people who liked the “What’s the tea?” schtick from the former friends, either...

We’d say “YAAS KWEEN”, but we’re no dopes.