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When and against whom Shawn Michaels first singles match since WrestleMania 26 could happen

Signs point to money having convinced Shawn Michaels to finally break his retirement vow for a tag match at WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia on Nov. 2. That bout, expected to be HBK & Triple H against Undertaker & Kane, has also been discussed as possibly only being the first match of Michaels’ comeback.

Today (Sept. 26), a source who’s about as accurate as anyone in the crazy pro wrestling rumor game came out with word about details being discussed for Shawn’s next match after tagging with Trips in Riyadh. It’s a familiar foe, and maybe a bit sooner than many of us were expecting...

As my main man Geno said in the Cageside offices, Taker/HBK feels more like a WrestleMania match than a Survivor Series one. ‘Mania is where their most famous encounters, including what for years looked like it would the Showstopper’s last match back in 2010, have occurred. Survivor Series has also become the least ‘Big’ of WWE’s ‘Big 4’ (or 5, counting Money in the Bank) pay-per-view (PPV) events - although it is an event associated with the Dead Man. He debuted at the Thanksgiving season show back in 1990, faced Mankind there in ‘96, and was buried alive by Kane & Vince McMahon at Survivor Series ‘03 in a match which paved the way for bringing back his most famous gimmick the following spring... so there’s lots of history for the Phenom. Especially if they want to tease a retirement match.

If it’s not the end for Shawn, though? Could this mean there are even more Michaels’ matches planned for Royal Rumble, set to go down in a baseball park in Arizona next January, and WrestleMania 35 in New Jersey?

Watch this space to find out, scripted fight fans!

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