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Samoa Joe could be abusing an entire family right now, we don’t know

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SmackDown built to a main event contract signing segment on the Sept. 25 episode. Samoa Joe and WWE champion AJ Styles were to make their no DQ, no countout, must-be-a-winner match at Super Show-Down on Oct. 6 in Melbourne official.

General Manager Paige spent all night getting ready for the predictable pro wrestling mayhem which comes from these things. She had extra security, and reminded the champ how expensive monitors are. Everything seemed set.

Only problem was, the challenger was nowhere to be found.

Don’t worry! Joe Facetimed the production truck to let us know he was okay. We know he didn’t call AJ directly because, in order to explain why the Phenomenal One couldn’t call Wendy and warn here, we got the second worst line of dialogue in recent memory when he reminded the champ and the audience, “Oh, you don’t bring your phone to the ring, do you?”

It was saved from being the worst line of dialogue in recent memory because earlier, Styles started frantically telling Paige, “He’s at my house!”

Where did all of this lead?

That’s the thing. We don’t know. SmackDown faded out after Joe rang the Styles family’s doorbell. USA Network went directly into their new Purge show, which was a little confusing... maybe Joe thought it was Purge Night?

We’ll have to tune in next Tuesday to find out if AJ is a widower, I guess...

... and if Joe still has a title shot in Australia next weekend, seeing as he didn’t show up to sign that contract.