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The Rusev Day break-up takes a yucky turn

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Everything was going about as expected in the Rusev Day break-up angle started last Tuesday when Aiden English attacked Rusev after the Bulgarian Brute lost to United States champion Shinsuke Nakamura.

An angry Rusev demanded answers from his traitorous former friend. English made the (completely logical, evidence-based) case that it was their partnership which helped the Lion of Bulgaria become more popular, therefore leading to a higher profile position on the SmackDown card.

Then, Aiden went after Mrs. Rusev...

And it wasn’t just to paint Lana with the same brush gossip magazines used to paint John Lennon’s wife Yoko Ono with when the Beatles broke up. No, English is implying that something more illicit went on between he and the Total Divas’ star...

Even worse, in a follow-up segment backstage (which also set up a match for Lana against SmackDown Women’s champ Becky Lynch), it appears Rusev is giving a lot of thought to what may have happened the last time SmackDown was in Wisconsin.


UPDATE: English claims he has “video evidence” (ewwwww) and will share it on the Oct. 2 episode of SmackDown.