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Truth TV premieres, becomes the greatest talk show in WWE history, is cancelled

You’re probably wondering how I can make such a bold claim about a segment which just started. What about Piper’s Pit, you say? The Barber Shop? The Highlight Reel?

To which I say, did any of those have brunette Carmella and...


Oh, you still want to stan for The Snake Pit or The Brother Love Show? Well...

Unfortunately, the premiere was also the finale. The Miz convinced Paige to make a match where the stakes were whether or not future episodes would be hosted by The A-Lister or R-Truth, and in what is probably the most heelish thing he’s ever done, Miz pinned Truth following an eye poke and his and Daniel Bryan’s finishers.

Surely there’s a loophole in the match contract whereby a BANNEDED individual can’t win using his mortal enemy’s move in order to host the show, right?

Ah well. Truth TV was too good for this world anyway.

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