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Liv Morgan has a concussion after being kicked in the face on Raw

During this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, Brie Bella appeared to knock Liv Morgan out by kicking her in the face twice during a match. Morgan briefly continued, taking a suplex, before WWE doctors tended to her and she was examined backstage.

Now, the Wrestling Observer is reporting she has a concussion, with WWE issuing a statement on it:

“Liv Morgan has a concussion and is going through the proper protocol under WWE’s comprehensive wellness program.”

As the Observer notes, this means she’ll be out of action until she can pass Impact tests. She had been scheduled to wrestle alongside the Riott Squad in a six-woman tag team match against Ronda Rousey & The Bella Twins at Super Show-Down on Oct. 6 in Australia, but that is obviously now in question.

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