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WWE Raw viewership plummets

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The first week of the new broadcast season was last night, which meant Monday Night Raw was up against the fall lineup of shows from the major broadcast networks. That’s not including Monday Night Football, which also did over 12 million viewers for ESPN. The result?

WWE saw its viewership plummet.

This week’s episode of Raw garnered 2.35 million viewers, per Showbuzz Daily, a huge drop from last week’s 2.67 million. Where it really looks bad is the hourly breakdown:

Hour one: 2.49 million
Hour two: 2.27 million
Hour three: 2.28 million

There’s always a drop in the fall and into the winter, but last year’s numbers around this time certainly didn’t look like that. Next week will technically be a go home show to Super Show-Down, with an appearance from Shawn Michaels already booked, so perhaps viewership will rebound then.

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