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Is tonight the night we get Women’s tag titles?

This would probably be better suited for our Rumor Roundup, but in case it happens when SmackDown comes our way from Denver this evening (Sept. 25), I decided to risk stealing rumor-maven Randall Ortman’s thunder.

The speculation - and I want to be very clear, to my knowledge, that’s all this is - began with Paige’s tweet about “making real changes”:

That was enough to reignite the fire that’s been burning for months concerning WWE introducing Women’s tag titles. Personally, I like another idea I’ve seen thrown around: That Paige could be talking about changing the name of the Raw and SmackDown belts to Universal and WWE respectively, matching the top men’s belts and opening the door to more territory-based belts in the developmental program a la the NXT UK Women’s title. But that wouldn’t mesh with this other item...

PWInsider’s report that Dakota Kai and Shayna Baszler are in Denver. Obviously, the two NXT Superstars weren’t used on Monday for Raw, so perhaps they’re in town to be a part of a Paige announcement tonight? An element of the tag title rumors has been that the belts would be defended across brands, including the black-and-yellow ones. With Oct. 28’s Evolution pay-per-view (PPV) set to include talent from Raw, SmackDown and NXT, that could be a good place to crown the first champs of such an inter-brand division, or kick off a tournament to do so.

Again, this is all speculation. But speculating is a lot of what we do here, and what makes being wrestling fans fun. So in the few hours before our hopes are confirmed, dashed or delayed, let’s get to it!

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