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WWE Mixed Match Challenge results: Season 2, episode 2

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Season two of WWE Mixed Match Challenge continues tonight (Tues., Sept. 25, 2018) with the latest match-ups in the round robin tournament.

Up next: Bobby Lashley & Mickie James vs. Jinder Mahal & Alicia Fox, and The Miz & Asuka vs. Carmella & R-Truth.

The show starts immediately following SmackDown Live at 10 pm ET on Facebook Watch. See you then!

MMC live blog

Geno here, ready for that action, boss.

They held a fan vote to determine the team name for Mickie James and Bobby Lashley and, wouldn’t you know it, they didn’t go with “Mickie Bobby” or “Shake ‘n Bake” but instead “Country Dominance.”


Alicia Fox and Jinder Mahal were out next and Renee Young didn’t want to play favorites but she picked them as her favorites. The story right away was that Alicia could not get along with Sunil Singh.

Country Dominance vs. Mahalicia

Shortly into the match, Jinder challenged Bobby to a push up contest. Lashley was winning easy, so Mahal had Foxy sit on him and did push ups like that. Bobby showed him up again with Mickie laying on him and doing them faster.

It turned into a match when the ladies got in and did some work. When the guys got back in, they did a spot where Lio Rush got the better of Sunil on the outside. On the inside, Lashley hit the extended suplex and that was that.

Country Dominance def. Mahalicia

Finn Balor and Bayley cut a promo on Mahal and Fox for next week’s match. Jinder and Alicia were shown backstage arguing. Foxy wants Sunil gone because he’s the problem while Mahal thinks she just needs to learn and practice his breathing technique.

R-Truth and Carmella were out next, rapping and dancing and having a grand ol’ time.

The Miz and Asuka were out next. When their music stopped, fans started chanting for “Truth TV.” They did so because that was the greatest and best show in the world, and now it’s cancelled because of Miz.

Fabulous Truth vs. Awesuka

Cole reminds us much has changed since MMC season 1, where Miz and Asuka won the whole damn thing. Asuka was undefeated back then. She is undefeated no longer. Meanwhile, Rusev wondered who has better hair in the comments — Asuka or Carmella?. The answer is they both look great.

Considering he’s the only guy in the match everyone dislikes, Miz was made to look foolish early. There was even one point that Asuka started dancing with Carmella and Truth, much to his chagrin and the crowd’s enjoyment. Miz got in during this and claimed he could do a better moonwalk than Carmella.

Then he did the best moonwalk ever, and I’ll hear no arguments.

They continued with the gimmickry, setting up a spot where Miz used Asuka as a shield from a dive, so Truth and Carmella did the moonwalk and then splits in the ring. It was fun, and the fans loved every second.

No, this wasn’t really much of a wrestling match, but this formula works much better.

Right as I say that, they start working an actual match. Miz got the edge and in came Asuka, who used a Shining Wizard to get a near fall on Carmella. That didn’t work, so she tried the Asuka Lock and the Princess of Staten Island countered by slapping her in the face. She went for a pin shortly after and Miz pulled her off. She responded by trying to kick him, but he caught it. Truth ran in to attack before anything more could happen. It got chaotic, with everyone sending everyone else flying all around and eventually ended with Carmella tapping out to the Asuka Lock after she kicked Miz off the apron.

Awesuka def. Fabulous Truth

They’re still unbeaten in the MMC. Carmella apologized to Truth as they were walking out.

Ravishing Rusev Day will take on Jimmy Uso & Naomi next week. Rusev and Lana cut a promo saying they’ll crush Day One Glow because Lana is the best, Lana number one. The standard fare from them. Cut to Naomi and Jimmy, who claim to be the strongest married couple in WWE.

See you next week!