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Kofi Kingston can legitimately claim to be the G.O.A.T., at least in one category

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Intercontinental champion. United States champion. Kofi Kingston’s list of accomplishments in WWE is pretty much only missing one of the “big two” titles. But if the career renaissance his ongoing New Day run with Xavier Woods and Big E has provided hadn’t done so already, a milestone he hit recently during the group’s fifth title run pretty much ensures his legacy will be as a tag wrestler.

The Princes of Positivity already owned the WWE-recognized record for longest tag title reign thanks to their second stint with the Raw straps. Their current third run with the SmackDown belts, in addition to Kofi’s previous championship partnerships with CM Punk, R-Truth and Evan Bourne, has put the Ghanian-born wrestler at the top of the list for combined days with a WWE pairs belt.

An article on confirmed the news, and their India Twitter account provided this nifty graphic...

One of his current partners, who’ve long recognized their old head as the G.O.A.T., marked the occassion on social media. Shockingly, he somehow didn’t make it creepy! He did make a bit of an age joke, though...

Pancakes for everyone!

Congrats, Kofi! Here’s to another 1000 or so days.