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No turns tonight as The Shield stick together, beat Baron Corbin & AOP

Welcome to the main event scene, AOP.

The main event of this week’s Monday night Raw, centered around the questions of would Dean Ambrose turn on Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins and who would Baron Corbin pick as his mystery partners.

After a opening segment that pushed the idea of Ambrose having second thoughts about staying with The Shield, the WWE did a great job of weaving the story into the three hour broadcast.

When it was time for Corbin to reveal who would join him in a six man tag match versus The Shield, there was only one man he could turn to in his time of need; DRAKE MAVERICK.

What a great picture. It just says so much.

For the first time in nearly a year, Ambrose, Reigns and Rollins teamed up for a match on WWE television.

Not to be outdone, Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre brought out chairs and set themselves up at the top of the entrance ramp for the Raw main event.

The Dogs of War did make their presence felt and it allowed for AOP plus Corbin to get an early edge in the match-up. As fate would have it, Reigns and Rollins were both taken out by their opponents and it was Ambrose who waited for the hot tag.

Once Ambrose entered the fray, the match quickly devolved in classic Shield chaos.

(CrossFit) Jesus, Rollins. What a madman.

The Shield thrive when things go south in a trios match and tonight was no different. Following Rollins and Ambrose clearing out the ring, Reigns came in to finish off Corbin for the three count.

No, Dean Ambrose turn tonight but is it still coming sooner rather than later?

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