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Let’s join WWE in wishing Stephanie McMahon a very slappy birthday

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Every great sports entertainer needs a signature. Ric Flair struts, Stone Cold stuns.

Stephanie McMahon, who turns 42 years old today (Sept. 24)? She slaps the $#!+ out of people. So the company she guides brand strategy - and kayfabe oversees Raw - for is wishing the Billion Dollar Princess a happy birthday with a montage of her slapping the taste out of people’s mouths...

Who sold it best? Naitch, Pops and alleged real-life nemesis Paul Heyman all do a good job, but I actually like big brother Shane’s shocked stumbling.

Let us know your thoughts on that, and (almost) any other Steph slap-related topics below (this is a PG show).

Happy birthday, queen!