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AJ Styles has to be a good dad

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Samoa Joe is wrong. Here’s the receipts.

The current WWE championship feud is built on Samoa Joe’s claims that AJ Styles has sacrificed his family for pro wrestling glory.

We’d have to check with Wendy and the kids to get the real scoop on that, but there’s some pretty compelling evidence on the interwebs today to suggest that even if he’s been on the road more than the Jones/Styles clan would like, AJ is at least probably pretty good at putting smiles on the kids faces.

Check out how he handled this young fan who missed out on meeting his Phenomenal Phave:

And anybody who can sell a cartoon by goofing around with somebody in a turtle suit has to be a blast to chase around the backyard...

All the creepily read bedtime stories in the world won’t change our minds now, Joe.