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John Cena might not be a bad guy in Bumblebee

He might just be gullible. And if the movie is as good as this trailer, he might be in WWE even less.

There’s a new full-length trailer out for the Transformers prequel/reboot Bumblebee. And it looks pretty dang great.

Transformers that look like Transformers! A plot that not only makes sense, but might have some emotional stakes! No slow motion scene of the female lead washing a car wearing short-shorts!

It also provides us with some more insight into Agent Burns, the military operative played by John Cena who’ll be hunting the title hero and his human friends in the 1980s set flick. It looks like we might not be saying “boo-urns” when he appears. But we will be questioning why he’s willing to take the word of two other vehicles-that-turn-into-robots about another vehicle-that-turns-into-a-robot, as the decision to track down Autobot Bee seems to be based on intel from Decepticons Shatter and Dropkick.

Do some background checks on your informants, John Cena!

Anyway... I’m thinking John’s got another hit on his hands here. I mean, the plot of ET and The Iron Giant, but with Transformers? Sounds like a winning formula to me. Will that mean even less Cena in WWE? We hardly ever see the guy now, so I’m not sure how much more “part-time” he can get.

Enjoy that Super Show-Down tag match is what I’m saying, Chain Gang Army.

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