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Cup of coffee in the big time: Indie injuries and good documentaries

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It’s another day where no one thing is jumping out at me — let’s call it a weekend hangover — so let’s talk about a few things and get this weeek going.

Indie Injuries - It was a rough weekend on the indies. Jordynne Grace and Joey Janela both suffered nasty looking injuries.

I don’t want to speculate on the severity of their injuries, other than to say both look bad and like they could potentially sideline someone for a considerable amount of time.

For two of the hottest names in indie wrestling, it’s crushing. And it’s a career path with absolutely no cushion for time on the shelf. Grace missed the Black Label Pro Darkest Timeline Tournament on Saturday and Janela is already out of some upcoming dates as he awaits an MRI to determine the severity of his injury.

Indie wrestling is tough living and any one moment can take everything away.

Even being sidelined for a few months can put someone on the brink of financial disaster. Here’s hoping those situations are truths for Grace and Janela.

A very good mini-documentary - “What fuels me is all my failures, all my setbacks,” says Pierre Carl Ouellet in a new Kenny Johnson mini-documentary.

PCO is a wildly interesting guy and his career resurgence is one of the most interesting stories of the last 12 or so months. And the documentary is worth checking out if for no other reason than hearing PCO discuss how he got over being so bitter for so many years and seeing how happy he is to have found himself in this place in his career.

Let’s get this week going!