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Why Charlotte wants Becky Lynch at Evolution instead of a Legend

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As she explains it here:

“I don’t... it’s not that I don’t dream about wrestling Trish or Lita but with the current storyline with Becky Lynch and I being so heated, it means that much more. It’s not like, oh there’s just this match that’s going to be thrown out on the card because it would be exciting. What makes it exciting is the storyline behind it. You see these two best friends competing for the top place, and then Becky evolving. So it’s not that I wouldn’t want to but it’s all about the story.”

It’s no disrespect to any of the Legends, because there are plenty of potentially exciting match-ups there, but Charlotte and Becky have put together something special and that should absolutely be showcased at an event like this. Sure, go with Trish Stratus vs. Alexa Bliss as a nod to both the past and present, but also use Charlotte and Becky to show us the present into the future.

It looks bright indeed.