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WWE women speak out on bizarre article calling out ‘Divas damaging the Evolution’

Over at, a somewhat bizarre opinion post on “Divas damaging the Evolution” of women in WWE went up early yesterday. The idea, I guess, is that WWE shouldn’t be using women from the past at the upcoming Evolution pay-per-view because that doesn’t advance the cause. The reason for this is that, the author posits, is they aren’t as good as the women of today. The Bella Twins are used as a prime example of this.

The post misses the point entirely, for a number of reasons, not least of which is how WWE ran its business for all those years and why the “evolution” came about in the first place. It was off the mark enough that multiple women in WWE couldn’t help but bash it on social media.

They said it better than I could.

As for the Bellas:

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