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There’s only one acceptable team name for Mickie James & Bobby Lashley in Mixed Match Challenge

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With Sasha Banks out due to an undisclosed injury, Mickie James has been tabbed as her replacement, teaming with Bobby Lashley in season two of the Mixed Match Challenge. Because each team must have a name, and the other nine have theirs, WWE is currently soliciting suggestions on the MMC Facebook page.

Because I’m a dumb 90s kid, “MmmBob” was what popped into my head but that is not at all what they should go with. Instead, they can only go with the suggestion come up with by multiple folks in the Facebook post they did asking for help:

Shake and Bake.

Well, many folks mentioned “Mickie Bobby,” which is fun and works in one way, but Shake and Bake is much better as a team name and could actually be used in promos and in the matches themselves. It just works.

It would also instantly be the best team name of the season.

Prepare for them to go with something dumb like “Micklash,” though.