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Jeff Hardy explains his face paint

WWE followed Jeff Hardy the day of Hell in a Cell leading up to his match against Randy Orton. There are some good quotes in there, and it’s worth a watch to hear him talk about his career and this thought process headed into the match itself, but his explanation for his face paint stood out to me.

Get a load of this:

“The face paint is something that I just... when I don’t have time to paint on canvas at home because the WWE schedule is so brutal, as you know, it’s just an outlet. I can get to the building and have this image in my head and being that I don’t have a canvas I can just use my face as what I want to try to bring to life.

”When I am all painted up, it’s like I... I kind of feel like it’s my alien skin. What does my soul look like when it gets out of its body and I’m on a star looking back at Earth, and all these crazy thoughts. Will I look like an alien? All these artistic thoughts come into mind. Like it shows artistic freedom and also freedom of your soul. It’s like expression at its best. I think I am more sociable when I’m all painted up. I think I feel normal, quite normal, a lot more normal than when I’m all shy and not painted. That’s Jeff Hardy, the Charismatic Enigma at his best, when he comes out with the face paint. The face painted freak, man, that’s by far a complement in my book.”

What an interesting guy.

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