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Miz celebrated Cleveland Browns first win since 2016 in a sub-optimal way

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The franchise itself celebrated in a great, WWE-related way.

Their biggest fan, in WWE and possibly anywhere? He went with the marketing tie-in and plugged some bad beer.

But you know? We’re not even mad. The fridge gimmick was a smart idea by the folks at Anheuser-Busch, and even this Pittsburgh native can admit the fine people from the Mistake on the Lake Cleveland deserve a celebratory cold one. This isn’t the time to judge.

Next Sunday, I go right back to hating all things “Dawg Pound” and “Dilly Dilly”. But for now, this Bud’s for you, Browns fans... you’re AWESOME, whether you’re A-Listers or not.

And at least you don’t have to drink one of those crap brews after all of the nine wins Miz is wrong about y’all getting this season...