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Paige credits Edge with helping her cope with an early retirement

Not many us will ever understand the feeling of being told you can no longer do what you love for a living at age 25.

So goes the pro wrestling lifespan of Paige.

Having her in-ring debut at age 13, joining the WWE in 2011, winning the NXT title in 2013, capturing the Diva’s title in 2014, taking a year off from the August 2016-November 2017 due to various injuries and suspensions, are just a taste of the whirlwind career Paige had inside the ring.

Outside of her professional career, Paige has met a whole different set of challenges she had to overcome.

Speaking with the Daily Mirror, Paige had a candid interview mostly to promote the new season of Total Divas and an upcoming WWE Network documentary filmed around her comeback. Forced to step away from an in-ring career and having to pivot to a non-contact role in the WWE, Paige gives credit to Edge for giving her insight on entering an early retirement due to injury.

“The person who helped me with that too was [retired former WWE Champion] Edge, because he was like ‘I promise you…’ he told me the day I was about to retire, he pulled me to one side because he had sort of the same thing – spinal stenosis – he told me ‘I promise you after you make this retirement speech you will have so much weight off your shoulders and you will feel so much better’.”

“And I did, it did make me feel better. But he was like ‘you’ll also constantly be reminded of it and you will be upset, but you will be in a better place once you say goodbye’. And he was right. I do feel in a good place, but sometimes it can get me down, you know?”

It feels like Paige has fully embraced her role as SmackDown’s General Manager. Over the last few months, Paige has proven to be one of the most competent and believable authority figures the WWE has seen in years.

Compared to other WWE GMs and pro wrestling authority figures, where does Paige currently rank for you?