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Bobby Lashley is still pissed he hasn’t faced Brock Lesnar yet

Bobby Lashley is not happy and he’s not afraid to tell you about it.

Whether he likes it or not, Lashley’s pro wrestling and MMA careers will always be compared to that of Brock Lesnar.

Making a radio appearance on The Big J Show, KRSQ Hot 101.9, Lashley was asked if upon his recent return to the WWE if a match with Lesnar was promised to him and was he concerned that match hasn’t happened yet. Lashley didn’t hold back when he responded to the Brock question.

“I wasn’t so much bummed, I was more pissed off. Because that has been the natural thing, ever since I came into the WWE, there has always been that comparison. Our paths have kind of never crossed. Everybody asks me about Brock and I tell them the same thing. I never really met Brock but I’ve crossed paths with Brock two times and it’s just kind of head nod. We don’t even really know each other.”

Does Lashley have a point?

Since Lashley returned to the WWE, the night after WrestleMania 34, he has had an uneven run as part of Raw. After a win over Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules back in July, Lashley would go on to lose to Reigns when a shot to face Lesnar at SummerSlam was up for grabs.

Maybe Lashley’s recent team-up with Lio Rush, will turn the tide on his current WWE comeback?

Has the shipped already sailed on a possible Bobby Lashley vs. Brock Lesnar in the WWE?

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