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Kaitlyn’s emotional return at MYC is one of the WWE’s best stories

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Pro wrestling is always best when the lines between fiction and reality are blurred. Last night (Sept. 19) for the first time in four years, Kaitlyn returned to a WWE ring at the Mae Young Classic.

After a sudden departure from the WWE, the past 48 months for Kaitlyn have been as hectic as they are inspiring. Last year Kaitlyn was very open and honest about her struggles with addiction. Kaitlyn would even begin a vlog series where she further talked her trips through rehab as well as a detox center.

The first women announced for the 2018 Mae Young Classic, Kaitlyn’s return to the WWE was met with widespread praise but also slight skepticism on how she would look after a long hiatus away from the ring.

Kaitlyn downed Kavita Devi in her return and then cut an emotional post-match promo.

Being down and out, only to drag yourself back up again, who doesn’t like that?

Kaitlyn’s road to redemption is one of the realest bits of plot detail the WWE has going in its ever expanding Universe.

Hopefully the Hybrid Diva’s story doesn’t get lost in the shuffle of the marathon hours of WWE programming the company provides every week. However far Kaitlyn goes in the MYC only adds another brick to her amazing comeback story, that may lead to an eventual return to the WWE main roster.