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Wrestling Viewing Guide: Sept. 2 - 8, 2018

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There’s a ton of wrestling content nowadays and unless you’re a hardcore pro-graps fan, you have to decide what to watch when and what to consider leaving out. That’s where we come in to help.

Every week, we are going to run down the big in-ring happenings for the easily accessible US wrestling. This won’t cover your indie needs, but ReverendClaire always has you covered in her weekly Sermon on the Mat for that.

Bear in mind, matches could be added after this posts that would definitely change how worth a show is to watch.


Raw (USA Network)

Raw has a few things of note to watch out for this week.

HBK returns to help sell the Undertaker/Triple H match at the Super Show-Down. Also the Bella Twins return to face the Riott Squad. And there’s a tag title match between the B Team and Revival.

Also, last week, Strowman looked to turn heel to neutralize the Shied when he aligned with Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler.

Verdict: This feels like a pretty big show. We haven’t seen Shawn Michaels in awhile. The Bella Twins return is big too. And maybe we see a tag title change? Could be a good Raw.


SmackDown Live (USA Network)

This week, we get the following tag match: Rusev Day vs. SAnitY vs. Usos. The winner faces the Bar, likely next week, and the winner of that match faces the New Day for the titles. The blue brand has been doing a good job lately showcasing their tag division with these #1 contender matches.

Also, Samoa Joe and AJ Styles will continue building their match to Hell in a Cell.

And of course there’s the badass Becky Lynch, who may be the hottest character on the show, if not in all the WWE, right now.

Verdict: SmackDown has been very good as of late. It’s worth keeping an eye on.

205 Live (WWE Network)

This is your spot for all your cruiserweight action.

Verdict: This show is it’s good when I watch it (the matches often deliver) but I’m never that excited to watch it in advance. The talent and in-ring work are certainly there, but the stories don’t hook me to where I’m eager to put it on.


NXT (WWE Network)

There’s a big match this week as Johnny Gargano faces Velveteen Dream.

Plus, Kairi Sane returns for the first time since having won the Women’s championship.

Verdict: NXT is a show that consistently delivers and Gargano vs. Dream should be very good.

Lucha Underground

Wrestling meets telenovela continues.

Verdict: This is a generally fun show. It’s not really a show to pick and choose episodes though. Given the way they tell their stories, this show is more “Watch it all or don’t” than other wrestling programs.

Mae Young Classic (WWE Network)

The second annual Mae Young Classic starts here.

Unlike last year, they’re not going to dump four episodes in our lap at once where it’s up to us to watch it as fast as possible to avoid spoilers. Instead it is weekly like the Cruiserweight Classic was two years back. It will air right after NXT.

This week first round match ups:

  • Meiko Satomura vs. Killer Kelly
  • Tegan Nox vs. Zatara
  • Lacey Lane vs. Vanessa Kraven
  • Rhea Ripley vs. MJ Jenkins

Verdict: I’m all sorts of hyped for this show. I really enjoyed it last year, but I also disliked them dumping four hours worth of content in our laps at once. I’m still a fan of weekly programming. The CWC felt like appointment viewing when it was on after NXT two years back. The MYC will be the same thing.

Plus NXT + MYC could be the best two hours of wrestling for the next couple months.


Impact Wrestling (Pop TV)

This week they are advertising a Knockouts title match. Former champion Su Yung will challenge Tessa Blanchard for the title she lost.


  • oVe & Sami Callihan vs. Ace Austin, Trey Miguel, & Zach Wentz
  • Grado & Joe Hendry vs. the Desi Hit Squad
  • Eli Drake open challenge

Last week, Moose turned heel and sided with Austin Aries against Eddie Edwards. We hopefully will learn why.

Verdict: The Knockouts title match should be pretty good and the main event angle with Moose is interesting. But the rest of the show is a bit underwhelming.

If I could only watch one thing this week, it’d be:

Mae Young Classic

This could be my pick often the next couple months. WWE does these tournaments right. The MYC was great last year and now they’ve given it a time slot so it can be appointment viewing. We can appreciate the four matches on that episode and eagerly wait for the next four.

Plus, we get an upgrade on commentary from JR and Lita to Michael Cole, Beth Phoenix, and Renee Young.

Let us know what you’d choose below.

There’s a ton of other wrestling out there and we can’t cover it all on here. So if there’s something you’re particularly excited for this week, let your fellow wrestling fans know in the comments.

See ya next week!