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Report says Rey Mysterio’s return to WWE is a done deal

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It’s been a long time coming, and even as he worked shows in Mexico, Japan and other companies here in the U.S., Rey Mysterio’s been open about his intent to return to WWE.

According to PWInsider, that return is set, as the 43 year old luchador and The ‘E have agreed to new two year contract. Mysterio is ready to return and just waiting for creative plans to reintroduce him on Raw or SmackDown.

Previously, there were reports the hold-up was Mysterio wanting to work a part-time schedule. Insider doesn’t comment on that, instead saying the hold-up was related to the length of the contract. WWE got want it wanted with a 24 month deal, but Mysterio did negotiate the ability to give notice at 18 months, which was the contract duration he wanted.

So now we wait to see what Vince McMahon and company want to do with him. WWE’s allegedly wanted to a big Latino star to replace Mysterio since before his last departure in 2015. Using Rey to bridge the gap and possibly even help create his replacement (Andrade Almas, anyone?) seems like a good guess.

We’ll also need to wait and see how long Rey can stay healthy. But one step at a time.