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Doesn’t sound like anyone’s planning on Alexa Bliss returning for Mixed Match Challenge

The announcement an injury suffered at Hell in a Cell would take Alexa Bliss out of action for the remainder of the week - including the Tuesday night (Sept. 18) premiere of Mixed Match Challenge (MMC) - read like it very well could be storyline.

Reports came out shortly after WWE’s news bulletin that Bliss’ injury was legitimate, but still pointed to a possible quick recovery. Comments made by her former partner and replacement in an interview after their victorious debut on Mixed Match Challenge didn’t come off that way, however:

Cathy Kelley: “We are less than 24 hours removed from Alexa Bliss being taken out of the WWE Mixed Match Challenge and, Ember, you becoming her replacement...”

Braun Strowman: “... I’m a little heartbroken that Alexa’s not gonna be able to make it to this Mixed Match Challenge season but I can’t think of anybody else to step up and take her place than the She-Ra right here...”

Moon: “... this is only the beginning, and every other team better beware of the Monster Eclipse.”

None of those sound like Alexa will replace Ember even if she’s cleared. Which doesn’t mean she won’t be back in action before MMC is over, just that that action won’t be taking place on Facebook Watch.

It’s still an effective way to build a rivalry between Bliss and Moon. And hopefully a sign the Goddess’ injury isn’t serious.

But for this season at least, Team Little Big is dead. Long live Monster Eclipse:

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