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WWE is taking care of Knoxville while they borrow their mayor

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Yesterday (Sept. 18), WWE announced they’re making a donation to a non-profit organization whose work supports the largest city in Knox County, Tennessee’s police, fire & emergency personnel and their families after they suffer injury or worse.

Knox County’s mayor is Glen Jacobs, who most of us know as Kane. On Mon., Sept. 17, WWE announced Kane would be appearing at Super Show-Down in Melbourne on Oct. 6. This and the $100,000 donation Vince McMahon’s company made to Knoxville Public Safety Foundation are not a coincidence.

Jacobs told WBIR 10 News:

“I am very proud and very humbled. I’ve been with WWE for a long time, they’re a great company, they’ve always been a supporter of mine. And the fact they would step up and help out in our community is wonderful. $100,000 is a significant contribution and certainly for - especially for the family of say a fallen police officer or a firefighter could help them through that transition.”

In their press release for the contribution, WWE indicates it is “in appreciation for making a series of appearances for WWE this fall”. Thus far, Kane has only been announced for next month’s Australia date, but there are rumors he’ll work November’s Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia, as well. Jacobs’ spokesman in Knox County, Rob Link, backtracked the language in the announcement from his boss’ other bosses, telling Knox News Super Show-Down is “the only confirmed date at this time.”

We’ll wait to see about Kane’s schedule, and whether the voters of Knox County are willing to accept this very generous, very PR-savvy gift in exchange for their mayor’s side job taking him to foreign lands.

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