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Hulk Hogan’s nWo would ‘murder’ the Shield

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If you haven’t heard, the nWo is planning a reunion tour. Hulk Hogan did a recent TMZ interview to hype the outing with his partners Scott Hall and Kevin Nash.

The interviewer asked an interesting question. Who would be better in their primes, nWo or the Shield? Hogan confidently replied in jest, “We would murder the bums, brother. We would kill them. We laid the ground rules for taking short cuts. We laid the ground rules. There is no substitute for victory. I used to wrestle with Roman Reigns’ dad. You’ve seen the pictures of me holding Roman Reigns as a baby. Come on, we taught them almost everything we know.”

For my money, I would pick the nWo as well. Not only would the nWo have the in-ring advantage in brains and brawn, but Big Sexy and Medium-Sized Sexy would out sexy primal Reigns, Crossfit Jesus, and the crazy man appeal of Dean Ambrose. That doesn’t even address Hollywood’s creative control clause. nWo for life. Believe that.

For something that seemed to be beyond the realm of fantasy, those big money paydays in Saudi Arabia could make this dream match a reality one day. I’d be interested in the spectacle as long as it was more show than go. Even at three deep, I’m not sure Hogan, Hall, and Nash could remain injury-free at their age for fifteen minutes. But, you never know. Positive health considering, I say make it happen.

With everything Hogan has put himself through in the past few years, returning in Saudi Arabia may be the best option, if he returns at all to a WWE ring. There would be zero concern about fans in attendance making an uproar, and old school fans that want to see the Hulkster one last time could do so on the WWE Network for only $9.99. (Is that incessant price push still a thing?) Say what you want about Hogan, but who wouldn’t want to see Hall and Nash cash in one last time?

One more thing.

I’ve been waiting for a Hogan story to pop up so I could add this random photo.

I posted the tweet version to spare you from the large version. I can’t stop laughing at the skimpy swimsuits of Hulk and Brutus Beefcake. I get the impression that if Brutus turns around, G-sting ass cheeks will be in our view. Out on the beach trying to pick up friendlies? Do your thing. But just hanging with the bros? I don’t know, brother Jack dude. I understand that was a different era, but I don’t think thongs were ever acceptable for men to wear in public. What do I know. Perhaps they were fashion visionaries.

Are you interested in seeing the ultimate faction fight, NWO or the Shield? Which team in their prime would you pick to win? What is your analytical breakdown? Would you like to see those six recreate that bikini photo? That sounds like a calendar idea to me. Who’s buying?